WooCommerce Variable Products all showing out of stock: Sorry, this product is unavailable. Please choose a different combination.

I must have spent hours today trying to fix a problem with Woocommerce – no matter which way I set up a variable product it always showed as out of stock no matter which combination of options I selected. The error message was:  
Sorry, this product is unavailable. Please choose a different combination.
  Very frustrating. The problem in the end? I had not yet set prices for all of the variable products. To resolve this go to Product -> Variations -> click on the dropdown box which defaults to “Add Variation” -> Set Regular Prices -> click Go.   Hopefully that’s all it takes to fix your problem too. I was installing custom PHP snippets to try and resolve this issue and going down all sorts of wrong paths when I had simply neglected to take note of which fields were required.

Adding products to Woocommerce

First, log into your website at:  
  Enter your username and password and you should be directed to your WordPress dashboard.   First, we’ll upload some images to go with the products you’re adding today. On the left you will see Media:   Screen-Shot-2016-03-04-at-10.02.25-AM Hover over it and you should see “Library” and “Add New”:   Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 10.03.51 AMClick “Add New”.   https://www.sotechdesign.com.au/springfield-ma-hookup/ Drag and drop some files in, or click “Select Files” and choose them from your file system. You will see the progress bars for each file below the selection area. Once all of the relevant media files are uploaded, look on the left for “Products” – hover over it and you should see “Add Product”:   https://www.sotechdesign.com.au/older-women-looking-for-younger-guys/ Click on that, and you’ll unsurprisingly be taken to the “New Product” screen.   gay men in oshawa Here you can add the product name, choose the category it should appear in – you can pick multiple categories – and add the contents for the product page, including additional photos/videos. Add the text in the blank white box on the lower left, and add images/video/etc. with the “Add Media” button. Scrolling down you should see some more info you need to add:   https://www.sotechdesign.com.au/apostolic-singles-dating-sites/ Most of it is self-explanatory – you’ll need to set a product image that appears in the search results and category views, and click on the various tabs in the area with the red rectangle around it to add the various info there.   Once you have done that, head back up to the top and click “Publish” to make the product live!  

New CentOS WordPress install: Error 500

  Was asked to troubleshoot a client’s installation technique for WordPress on CentOS 6.x yesterday; they were receiving an Error 500 when they tried to access index.php for the first time. Checking the Apache logs showed:  
SoftException in Application.cpp:431: Mismatch between target GID (522) and GID (65531) of file “/home/andrea/public_html/index.php” Premature end of script headers: index.php
  What was happening was that the client was un-tarballing the latest.tar.gz file as root and then changing the ownership of the file with the following:  
chown -R [user] *
  Changing that command to:  
chown -R [user]:[usergroup] *  
e.g. here:  
chown -R andrea:andrea *
  fixed that error. By not specifying the new group there was an ownership mismatch where the system expected one group but got another. There are many  causes for an Error 500 – it’s a good habit to check the Apache logs first for pointers as to where to start troubleshooting.