HP Procurve 1410-16G (J9560A) Teardown

  Well, admittedly there isn’t much tear in this teardown as it’s only a handful of screws to take the casing off. However! If you were curious as to what went into your ProCurve (or were just curious about what is inside switches in general) here you go!   hp-1410-16g-021   Screws coming out of the rear…   hp-1410-16g-022   The other side…   hp-1410-16g-023   Also some screws in the middle.   hp-1410-16g-013   Voila! Hello switch internals.   match dating site ireland   There’s really some room to spare in there.   omaha gay hookup   A closer look at the circuit board…   https://www.sotechdesign.com.au/dating-app-in-the-uk/   A detail shot of one of the four quad transformer modules (it’s an FPE chip LG72508DF-E) – you can find the specifications of that chip at:   http://www.fpe.com.cn/pdf/PDF/100-1000-8.pdf   More component detail:   50 plus singles   hp-1410-16g-014   There’s not a great deal more to look at – we couldn’t pull the heatsinks off this particular board, sadly, so we didn’t get any shots of what was underneath.   hp-1410-16g-01   Hope you enjoyed this very brief look at the internals of a modern switch!