How to kill a KVM virtual machine in Promox via the command line or terminal

  Sometimes a Proxmox KVM VM will stop responding to the GUI’s attempts to shut it down; fortunately it’s easy to shut it down from the command line. Make note of the VM ID (next to the name of the VM in the left pane of the Proxmox GUI), log into the server via SSH as root and run:  
qm stop [vmid]
qm stop 124
  Check back in the GUI a few seconds later and you should see that the KVM has stopped.

ZFS: Stopping a scrub

If you accidentally started a scrub on a pool or need to stop one for any reason it’s fortunately quite straightforward:  
# zpool scrub -s [poolname]  
  e.g. zpool scrub -s kepler   You can check on whether that was successful with zpool status – it will give an output above the pool status that looks like:   pool: kepler state: ONLINE scan: scrub canceled on Sat Sep 29 10:30:14 2012   Unnecessary scrubbing just wastes power – particularly for a large, nearly-full array where you’ll have quite a few disks running constantly for hours – so it’s good practice to cancel an accidentally-started scrub.