How to install the NFS client packages on Fedora 20 and automatically mount NFS shares

  We were asked how to set up a Fedora 20 virtual machine to access folders on an already-set-up Ubuntu Server machine using NFS. A folder has been created on the Fedora VM to mount the NFS share to (/opt/documents in this case). First we install the relevant packages on Fedora:   sudo yum install […]

XenServer 6.2: How to set up passthrough of a PCI or PCI-Express device

  This is done by logging in as the root user to your XenServer system via SSH. To see the PCI devices available to your system, enter the following command:   lspci   Here is an example result:   00:00.0 Host bridge: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RD890 Northbridge only dual slot (2×16) PCI-e GFX […]

MythTV backend DVB adapter error: ERROR_OPEN

  If you see the above error when you’re trying to set up your DVB tuner card one cause is that MythTV can’t get access to the tuner card. This can be because there’s another application installed which has access to it, e.g. something like TVHeadend. On XBMCBuntu you can uninstall TVHeadend by running the […]