Using an SSH tunnel with Internet Explorer

  As a follow-up to the previous article on how to browse the web via an SSH tunnel in Firefox we’ve been asked to show how to do the same with Internet Explorer. The Putty set-up remains the same; once that’s complete, open Internet Explorer (we are using IE 9) and go to Tools -> Internet Options (you may have to hit Alt to bring up the top menu): remote-access-ie-01 Go to Settings: remote-access-ie-02 Choose LAN settings:   remote-access-ie-03 Tick “Use proxy server for your LAN” and click Advanced:   90 day fiance single life watch online Make sure the top four lines are blank in all fields except for the SOCKS port – here put:
  and the port we used in Putty:  
  Make sure the “Use the same proxy server for all protocols” box is unticked.   Hit OK -> OK -> Apply -> OK, open up your SSH tunnel in Putty and you should be ready to browse the internet remotely!