Incorrect keyboard layout/map on a Raspberry Pi – no | or \

One thing that’s come up occasionally with our testing of the Pi so far has been that some distributions pick up on odd keyboard maps by default, particularly with Apple keyboards – to fix this on one of the Debian distros and get back your missing pipe (|) or backslash (\) characters run: # dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration and select the correct keyboard map/layout for your keyboard.

Raspberry Pi & SD cards

  After yesterday’s brief post about the Pi there were some questions about how the SD cards fit in – easiest answered with a photo or two:     As you can see, the SD card slot is on the underside of the device and once inserted the card protrudes about half its length beyond the edge of the Pi. Any of the cases I’ve seen so farĀ  compensate for that, but it is something to keep in mind if you are thinking of building your own.