Awk: Remove everything after the first word in each line

  Another awk question. How to remove everything after the first word in each line? E.g., if we wanted to remove everything but the names in this input (FILENAME.txt):  
Anna 123 09123 Main Street Bob 109 09800 Smith Street Joe 0981 123123 King Street
  We can use awk like so:  
awk ‘{ print $1 }’
cat FILENAME.txt | awk ‘{ print $1 }’
  which will print:  
Anna Bob Joe
  Short and sweet.

Ubuntu: Clear terminal screen

  Sometimes you may wish to clear the terminal window, whether it be to hide what you’ve just done, clear some irrelevant/distracting output or any other reason. The best command to do this is simple:  
  This completely clears the output shown in your terminal window but doesn’t log you out. If you want to keep your output in the buffer (i.e. so you can scroll back up to it) but still clear the terminal you can see you can use the following key combination:  
  This pushes the output up above your prompt and puts the prompt at the top of your window.