Creating a static IP in OpenIndiana/OpenSolaris

If you’re running an OpenIndiana/OpenSolaris fileserver chances are you’ll need a static IP so that you’ll always know where to find it on the network. There is more than one way of doing this but by far the easiest is using NWAM, or network auto magic.   Do the following (the # at the beginning means you need to have superuser permissions for this, and any line without bolded text at the end means you just hit enter):  
# nwamcfg nwamcfg> create ncp lan nwamcfg:ncp:lan> create ncu phys e1000g0 Created ncu ‘e1000g0’. Walking properties … activation-mode (manual) [manual|prioritized]> prioritized enabled (true) [true|false]> priority-group> 0 priority-mode [exclusive|shared|all]> shared link-mac-addr> link-autopush> link-mtu> nwamcfg:ncp:lan:ncu:e1000g0> end Committed changes nwamcfg:ncp:lan> create ncu ip e1000g0 Created ncu ‘e1000g0‘. Walking properties … enabled (true) [true|false]> ip-version (ipv4,ipv6) [ipv4|ipv6]> ipv4 ipv4-addrsrc (dhcp) [dhcp|static]> static ipv4-addr> ipv4-default-route> nwamcfg:ncp:CorpNet:ncu:e1000g0> end Committed changes nwamcfg:ncp:lan> end nwamcfg> end # nwamadm enable -p ncp lan   Voila! You have now set a static ipv4 IP in OpenIndiana/OpenSolaris. If you would like to set an ipv6 address instead, or both, select ipv6 or nothing when prompted for the ip-version. Replace the and gateway ( with whatever IP addresses match your own network.