GIMP: How to save as .jpg and not .xcf?

  This is a question we get asked a lot from people who are trying out GIMP as a Photoshop alternative. If you hit Save or Save As, you are only presented with the option to save as a .xcf file. To save the image you are working on as a .jpg we need to export it instead:  
File->Export As
  You can use the following keyboard shortcut to do this:  
  Now you can save the image as a .jpg rather than the (usually unfamiliar to people trying it out) .xcf format.

How To: Export all mysql databases for backup

This is a handy command for anyone using multiple mysql databases – it produces a single file which you can easily back up to elsewhere.  
mysqldump -u root -p –all-databases > databasesBackup.sql
  Note the two hyphens before “all”. This command creates the file databasesBackup.sql which contains the contents of all of your databases. This file can be easily rsync’d or scp’d elsewhere to create an offsite backup of your site’s databases.