Proxmox 3.2: Finding the container CTID from the command line

  If you are in a terminal and want to find the container IDs (CTID) quickly without opening up a browser, run the following:  
  It should return a list of the container IDs, the VM state, their IP addresses and hostnames like so:  
      CTID      NPROC STATUS    IP_ADDR         HOSTNAME 100         25 running 101         17 running 102         58 running 103         15 running 104         52 running
Quick and easy.

Proxmox 3.2: Enabling NFS on a container (CT) VM

  If you’re trying to figure out why you are getting NFS errors despite having NFS set up properly on the host machine and client VM, this may be the answer. With the VM powered off, run at the Proxmox terminal:  
vzctl set [VM ID] --features "nfs:on" --save
  The next time the VM is powered up NFS should be enabled and you should be able to mount shares correctly. An example:  
vzctl set 104 --features "nfs:on" --save