Asus motherboard BIOS update error: CAP file not recognised EFI bios!

  If you see the above error – and you’re selecting what you’re sure is the proper CAP file – chances are you’re trying to use a USB disk formatted to NTFS rather than FAT32. Frustratingly, the error message for a corrupt/non-CAP file is the same as the error message you get when you’re trying to use an NTFS-formatted drive, which Asus Ez Flash 2 is not compatible with.   The solution is simply to use a FAT32-formatted drive. If that doesn’t work double check that your file hasn’t corrupted during the download and is complete, and the right BIOS for the board.

Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe not recognising IBM M1015

  We had a customer who installed a M1015 into their workstation and it wouldn’t recognise the card at all during the boot process; the board was still on the shipping BIOS 0906, and the issue was resolved by updating to the most current BIOS (1401 at the time of writing). After updating the BIOS the card was recognised during the boot process as normal.