ZFS on Linux: How to find the arc stats (was arcstat.py)

This has now changed; run the following to find the adaptive read cache stats (ARC):   cat /proc/spl/kstat/zfs/arcstats   You can gleam some really useful information out of how your RAM is being utilised and what your required ARC size might be from the results – this may be a topic for a future post, […]

ZFS on Linux (Ubuntu) – arcstat.py is now available! How do you run it?

UPDATE: This information is now out of date, see new post here.   One very handy ZFS-related command which has been missing from the standard ZFS on Linux implementation has been arcstat.py. This script provides a great deal of useful information about how effective your adaptive read cache (ARC) is.   ZFSoL 0.6.2 includes it, […]

ZFS: Adding an SSD as a cache drive

ZFS uses any free RAM to cache accessed files, speeding up access times; this cache is called the ARC. RAM is read at gigabytes per second, so it is an extremely fast cache. It is possible to add a secondary cache – the L2ARC (level 2 ARC) in the form of solid state drives. SSDs […]