Importing a MySQL database with a new name where the original still exists

So you want to export your MySQL database then import it on the same server with a new name.   I tried this several times and using the SOURCE command inside MySQL or just mysql -p < db.sql both resulted in the database re-importing over the original name.   To fix that run:
sed -i 's/OLDDATABASENAME/NEWDBNAME/g' mysqldumpFile.sql
Then run:  
mysql -p



SOURCE /path/to/sql/file
  No need for a semicolon on the last line.   Then check the success by:  
show tables;

MySQL: How to create a database

  To create a simple database (e.g. if you need to create one for a WordPress or Wiki install) use the following after logging in to MySQL as the root user:  
create database [nameOfDatabase];
  Don’t forget the ; at the end, or you’ll end up on a new line consisting of a > prompt waiting for more input. You can put the ; in then if you forgot to complete the command. An example of the above would be:  
create database wikiDB;
  …which would create the database named wikiDB. You should see the following on a successful command:
  Query OK, 1 row affected (0.04 sec)
          If that is all you had to do you can now exit MySQL by typing:  
  …and you’re done!