Ubuntu: How to see information about your system’s CPU

  To find out information about the CPU used in the system, we can use the following command:   lscpu   This gives us useful information about the CPU, such as the number of physical cores, virtual threads, virtualization support and more. An example output from a Haswell Xeon system looks like:   Architecture:          x86_64 […]

Intel i5-3470 vs i5-3570

    The above two CPUs are often shortlisted for entry/midrange gaming builds that aren’t overclocked; so how do they compare?   Both are quad-core CPUs without hyperthreading, so they offer 4 cores and 4 threads. The i5-3470 is clocked at 3.2GHz while the i5-3570 is 200MHz faster at 3.4GHz, and both CPUs feature Intel’s […]

Intel E3-1245 V2 vs. Intel E3-1275 V2

We were asked to spec a customer build the other day who was torn between the above two processors. Here’s our thoughts on them.   E3-1245V2: Quad core, 8-thread, 3.4GHz -> 3.8GHz Turbo E3-1275V2: Quad core, 8-thread, 3.5GHz -> 3.9GHz Turbo   All other specifications are equal apart from the 100MHz clockspeed difference. At this […]