BIOS update: Asus P8Z77-V

For those customers (well, for you single customer at this stage…!) who have this board there’s a new BIOS out, #1015; it’s worth updating to this one as Asus claims it improves system stability, memory compatibility and USB compatibility, along with supporting some new CPUs.   You can download it here.

BIOS update: Asus P9X79 WS

Asus have released BIOS 1104 for this workstation board; if anyone is using a HighPoint RocketRAID card with this motherboard it’s worth updating as it fixes a problem where the RAID partition(s) disappear after S3 sleep.   You can find it here.

BIOS update: Asus P8B WS

Asus have updated the bios of this workstation board to support Ivy Bridge CPUs; please note that you’ll need a Sandy Bridge CPU installed to do this update so please make sure if you are upgrading that you do so before installing a new CPU.   You can find the update (#2009) here.